Irish Hills, San Luis Obispo, CA

About this station

Katie's Backyard Weather station is located just outside the City limits of San Luis Obispo, CA, on the north side of Prefumo Canyon at an elevation of 310'. It shares the same Davis weather station with and is the main development station for

The station is a wireless Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus which includes solar and UV sensors. In addition, for WeatherElement development work, we've added several additional wireless Davis stations.

Temp and Humidity 1 are down in our woods.

Temp and Humidity 2 are Prefumo Canyon bottom near the creek.

Temp 3 is the Spa.

Temp 4 is the cabin.

Soil Moisture and Temp 1 are buried 8" down in the vineyard.

Soil Moisture and Temp 2 are buried 16" down in the vineyard.

Leaf Wetness 1 is on a post by the compost pile.

Leaf Temperature 1 is buried in the compost pile.

The second Leaf Temperature sensor is experimentally connected via a resistor voltage divider to a Hydreon RG11 rain sensor. The RG11 is set in rainfall sensor mode. A "temperature" of 61 = no rain falling, while 105 = rain detected.